The First Ever Nvidia Video Card: the NV1

The weak built-in graphics accelerator that you find on computer motherboards these days can run circles around Nvidia’s first video card. Back in 1995, Nvidia released their first product, the NV1, with a retail price ranging from $249 to $300. It was sold under the name Diamond Edge 3D and was to be installed through a PCI slot. The NV1 used VRAM, which was the standard at the time before the better SDRAM came along. The video card came in two series, the 2000 series, and the 3000 series. It was available with either 2 megs of memory or 4. And you thought the 32 megs of memory on your old Geforce 2 was puny!

Nvidia nv1
Nvidia nv1

Good Old PC Games – Part 2 (Finished)

This article is part of Good Old PC Games. On the previous article, there are some games that don’t need high PC specs. Below is the next of Good old PC Games. This game doesn’t need a high-end graphics card. Furthermore, you don’t need any extra software like Nvidia Control Panel to get the best settings.


Nothing needs to be said about this game but we will try. This game by Blizzard Entertainment changed the gaming industry like no other PC game before it. When Starcraft was first showcased in a beta, it was deemed as unimpressive so the developers got to retooling it. They must have gave it their all because when it was released, it went on to become one of the greatest game of all time, picking up numerous awards. To this day, it is being played by players around the world, especially those in South Korea where the game has turned into a national past time. Professional Korean players are idols in their homeland and there are a couple of channels in South Korea dedicated to this legendary game. Starcraft is a Sci-fi RTS game that is situated in parts of deep space. Three different factions are involved; the Terrans, who are descendants of Human outcasts from Earth; the hive mindarthropodalZerg; and the psionichumanoidProtoss warriors. The game is extremely well balanced for competitive gaming and the story campaign is engaging as any other. Starcraft is a game older than even Half-Life so the resources needed for this Starcraft is extremely puny and can be played on even Pentium 1 computers.

Good Old PC Games – Part 1

Okay. So you can’t afford a new Nvidia video card because you are a broke college kid. And the computer your parents got for you when you were in Junior High is still the same computer you’re using right now and it’s barely running.

Not to worry! There are many old PC games out there that are still waiting to be discovered. Many of them are even better than the current crop of games out in terms of gameplay. They might not have the graphics of Crysis. Crysis isn’t that fun anyway (actually it is). Here is a list of games that will work on your old computer and your old video card. The requirements for these games are very minimal. If you have a Geforce 2 computer graphics card and 256 megs of SDRAM, you should be able to run all of them without a hitch.

Let’s start with the obvious.