Where To Find Old Nvidia GeForce Drivers

Many sites these days are making it a hassle to download drivers for your GeForce Video card by making you have to register or install some kind of shady program before you download. You need the driver or Nvidia control panel software when you facing a problem to your graphics card. The worst sites are the ones that make you have to pay to download a video driver! That is like paying to use a pay toilet when you can go for free if you just put a little effort into finding a store bathroom.

Old Nvidia Drivers
Old Nvidia Drivers

Here are some links that The Nvidia Video Card Source has compiled for your convenience. These places allow you to quickly find and download your Geforce Driver without any of the hassles.

Nvidia’s Official Website

This is, of course, the most obvious place to look. See if you can find the Geforce driver you’re looking for here. If you have a new Nvidia video card, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a current driver to install.

Alternative Drivers

If you cannot get Nvidia’s own drivers to work properly with your graphics card, how about using a 3rdparty driver? Omega Drivers is an alternate choice for those who are seeking another option. Omega Drivers work for all Geforce Video Cards, old and new, you just have to find the right version. Sometimes these drivers perform better than Nvidia’s own drivers and sometimes they don’t…it depends on the Omega driver version and the model of the video card. These drivers are free and safe to download without any spyware.

Very Old Drivers

What many people have the hardest time looking for are usually the very old GeForce drivers. This placeĀ here has many of those, especially if you are looking for a specific Dell video card driver. The site has some old Geforce 2 and GeForce 4 drivers as well. Scroll halfway down the screen and you will find a list of drivers.

The Most GeForce Drivers anywhere!

Guru3D has a comprehensive list of free GeForce Drivers to download. If you can’t find it here, then you probably won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Anywhere where you don’t have to pay, that is.

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