Missing Control Panel Client Folder [Solved]

Do you ever face a problem with the Nvidia control panel missing from the program files folder? This problem occurs when updating the windows. This also can happen if there is a crash on the Nvidia Control panel application. That makes the nvcplui.exe and its folder (“Control Panel Client”) disappear from the Windows “Program Files” folder.

Control Panel Client
Control Panel Client

Updating driver using third party software like DriverEasy and the other also can make this problem. Because sometimes it conflicts with the official driver and makes crash on Nvidia Control Panel.

How to Solve Missing Control Panel Client Folder

If your PC / Laptop has this problem, don’t be a worry. There are some troubleshooting tips to solve this problem.

  1. Try to reinstall VGA drivers using the manufacturer disk.
  2. You need 3 file Intel VGA, NVidia VGA, and Nvidia Graphics Application.
  3. Install the three of file.
  4. If reinstall doesn’t work, use windows search tools.
  5. Search for “nvcplui.exe”
  6. If Windows search doesn’t work, go to the Windows root folder (C:/).
  7. On the “View” Tab tick the “Hidden Items” setting.

    View Tab
    View Tab
  8. Then go to “Users” Folder.
  9. Go to your computer username folder. In this example is “Dell”

    Users Folder
    Users Folder
  10. Find the “AppData” Folder and go inside.
  11. Go to the “Local” folder.
  12. Then go to “CrashDumps” folder.
  13. If nvcplui.exe found in this folder, it’s mean you have crashdumps on the Graphics Drivers.
  14. Just go to Microsoft official website and download the Nvidia Control Panel App.
  15. Install the app.

Crashdump can happen when a few portions of the processor’s data or RAM memory are erroneously copied to one or more files.