Nvidia Control Panel Missing or Not Showing [Solved]

Nvidia control panel missing or not showing is the most common problems. This happens when you accidentally exit or delete this software. This panel is different from drivers. When the drivers are mandatory software. Control panel is a complementary device. So when you lose the software, your graphics card is still working. But you lose control to the graphics cards. Because of this software control any settings to the graphics card from the basic to the advanced settings.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing
Nvidia Control Panel Missing

If you lose the software, you can’t set or optimize the feature of the graphics cards. For many gamers, they don’t satisfied with the default settings of the software. So they change many settings of the graphics card using the Nvidia Control Panel.

Furthermore, if you lost the software, you don’t have to worry. Before you solve this problem, please remember have you been deleted or just exit the program from the taskbar. Because you have to identify where the problem comes from. The different problem source, the different solutions.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing (Deleted)

If you just delete or uninstall this program, you have to reinstall the software. All you need is searching for DVD/CD came with your Graphics Card purchase box. Likewise, you can download the software from the official site by following this link. The software is freeware so you won’t be a worry about the payment. Use the model number of your graphics card to search the software on the official site.

Control Panel is not Showing (Exited)

The second problem source is you just exit the software from the icon tray. This is a simple problem because you don’t need to reinstall the software. Below is the step by step guide to starting or showing the Control Panel software.

  1. Open windows explorer
  2. Go to the root folder of your windows (usually C:/)
  3. Go to program files folder (C:/Program Files)
  4. Search for Nvidia Corporation folder (C:/Program Files/Nvidia Corporation)
  5. Open the Control Panel Client folder (C:/Program Files/Nvidia Corporation/Control Panel Client)
  6. Click on the nvcplui application
The nvcplui
The nvcplui

Voila, the control panel software is launched. As a result, you can change the settings of your Nvidia Graphics Card. You can also tweak the performance of your graphics card by read on this article.